10 Creepy Places That Can Just Give You Chills

Some places have historic stories, and the echoes of the past seem to reverberate all around them. Some places have haunting stories of ghosts and the supernatural, to make people scared. Then there are some places that are creepy, just like that. Maybe there are deaths involved in their stories, or maybe their appearance is spine-tingling, or maybe they make the hair raise, just like that. Let us read about a few such creepy places that can give you the chills.

10. British Sea Forts

The Maunsell Forts I the Thames and Mersey estuaries are fortified towers that were built during the World War II, to defend the United Kingdom at a time when the region was facing severe attacks from the sky. In the mid-1960s, they were re-occupied for pirate radio. Several of the original forts have been destroyed over the years. Today, the remaining concrete sea-monsters still stand out at the sea, defunct, rusting and rotting away. The abandoned forts can be quite a creepy site.

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