10 Destinations Best To Avoid In 2020 – And 10 That Should Not Be Ignored

The world is full of new destinations waiting to be explored, from Insta-worthy chic cities to small ocean towns and plenty of UNESCO World Heritage sites. But even the most popular destinations shouldn’t necessarily be at the top of your travel bucket list, and there are plenty that probably isn’t but should be.

In a lot of the major tourist destinations around the world, overcrowding is becoming a major issue. Add to that an increase in prices in accommodation, or lack thereof, and fear for safety in some places, and you’ve got yourself lots of cities and countries worth giving a miss this year.

For every problem country though, there’s a shiny new attraction to be seen elsewhere. Some places used to be popular but have fallen behind over the years, only to bounce back on to our radar thanks to popular TV shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings.

Whatever the reasons to visit or not visit, “the world is a book and those that do not travel read only one page”. Here are 10 destinations that are best to avoid in 2020, and 10 that definitely should not be ignored.

20. Avoid: Bali, Indonesia – insta-worthy but not the real Indonesia


Bali has become over-populated in recent years by tourists from all over the world. What was once a sleepy surf town is now covered in tree-top cabins, brightly colored street art and trendy cafes and bars just begging to be captured for Instagram.

What people don’t realize is that with tourism booming, so is the impact on the once idyllic environment.

Plastic containers in all shapes and sizes line the beaches — some are so trashed that you can barely see the golden sand. Instead of contributing to the problem, it may be best to stay away until the island has a chance to clean up its act.

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