10 Most Amazing Destinations in Eastern Canada

Canada is a vast and diverse country. Because of its size, most travelers focus on either the western or eastern provinces. While the west has Vancouver and the Rockies, Eastern Canada is also a thrilling place to explore history, culture and breathtaking scenery. In Quebec City, you can you’ll feel like you’re visiting France. At Niagara Falls, you’ll be awed by epic waterfalls. From stunning vistas to charming cities, Eastern Canada is definitely a must-see region in the country. Plan your itinerary with these top destinations in mind.

10. Kingston

The small city of Kingston is found in Ontario, and it is situated on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. In the 17th century, Kingston was briefly the capital of Canada. Today, it is better known as a scenic spot in Eastern Canada with incredible history, culture, and architecture. You might pack your trip with a visit to the historic Fort Henry followed by some time at the Bellevue House, a gorgeous villa that was once the home to the first Canadian Prime Minister. Today, the Bellevue House is packed with costumed guides from the 1840s to help you feel like you’re stepping back in time.

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