10 Most Iconic Places to Photograph in the World

From the world-famous Taj Mahal in India to the world’s most spectacular ruins, Machu Picchu, here, we have selected the 10 most iconic places to photograph. It’s not easy to pick up the top ten, but it didn’t take long. Certain places attract photographers like magnets attract iron filings. we are drawn to them without quite knowing why.

Some places are a must to capture through the lens: Like when in Rome, the obvious choice is the Colosseum and when in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. But far from these popular destinations, there are many more wonders around the world that tourists seek out with camera in hand.

Here, below is our list, with reflections on why these places are iconic to us. We are absolutely sure that everyone will have a different top ten. So, after you read our favorites, tell us a few of yours in the comments along with those you love and wish we did but didn’t. Here are top 10 Iconic Places to Photograph in the World:

10. Papua New Guinea

In the highlands of Papua New Guinea, we come face to face with the parts of our mind that the modern world has hidden away very well. Papua New Guinea is one of the most heterogeneous nations in the world. It is estimated that more than a thousand different cultural groups exist there. Because of this diversity, many different styles of cultural expression have emerged; each group has created its own expressive forms in art, dance, weaponry, costumes, singing, music, architecture and much more. 

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