10 Safest Countries to be in if World War III breaks out

Our world is on the verge of World War III with ensuing terrorism covering over half of the globe, depletion of natural resources; such as water, oil, influentially biased and war-minded leaderships of the superpowers; And the uprising tensions between countries such as Russia and Ukraine, North Korea and South Korea, India and China. Despite this, there are some highly neutral countries which might be left alone if Word War III ever breaks out. These are 10 Safest Countries…

These are 10 safest countries if World War 3 breaks out:

10- Tuvalu

Tuvalu lies within the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean. It is an extremely secluded and politically non-aligned nation due to its isolation and neutrality. It has a small population with negligible resources giving the major countries involved in the world war absolutely no objective to attack it. Moreover, unlike other island nations; Tuvalu’s people are uniquely self sufficient i.e. They produce their own food according to their consumption, and other necessities according to the requirements. So, they will probably be left alone in a war scenario.

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