12 Best Cities to Visit in Croatia

One of the most popular countries to visit in Europe, Croatia is home to some dazzling sights and some stupendous cities. While some cities in Croatia such as Dubrovnik and Split are renowned for their beauty and attract hordes of tourists each and every year, others fly under the radar, contentedly hugging the coastline of the shimmering Adriatic; peaceful pockets of perfection, bathed in radiant sunshine.

12. Karlovac

The ‘City of Four Rivers’ as Karlovac is known in Croatia is an interesting and unique place to visit, seldom frequented by tourists. In actual fact, only three rivers course through the city, with one other passing nearby. Flying under the radar, the historic city center is shaped and defined by its distinctive fortifications. Set out in a six-pointed star design, it is this feature that makes Karlovac worth stopping by although within its confines, the historic buildings are decaying slightly and could be looked after better. Apart from the ‘star’, Karlovac has one of Croatia’s best breweries so make sure to try its local brew before heading off again. People often stop by when traveling from Zagreb to the coastal regions.

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