16 Things To Do In Spain

With 50 provinces, 17 autonomous regions, and at least 5 languages, Spain is more diverse than you might think—that’s why our list of best things to do in Spain is so varied (and wild, and fun). The north is green with Celtic-like weather, the south and east are where you’ll find long stretches of sandy and rocky coastline, and don’t forget all the Pyrenees have to offer.

If you plan it right, you can ski and surf in the same day. From Galicia to Catalonia, the Basque Country to Andalusia, the Canaries to the Balearics, you’ll meet people who love a party, with local festivals nearly every day of the year. Eating and drinking play a big part in Spanish life, and each region is proud of its own culinary specialties and local drinks concoctions. Though many dishes are based on traditional peasant food, the country boasts high innovation in gastronomy.

Spain is full of essential architectural and natural wonders to visit, has an eye on fashion, is home to fantastic hotels and moves to the beat of some of the best music festivals in the world. You might start out in Valencia, Madrid or Barcelona, but make sure to take the time to discover that Spain is so much more.

1. Eat Tapas

Go from bar to bar trying tapas as you go, while you might as well get a pint with every small meal. Eventually, you will work out your favorite bars and your favorite dishes, mine were any with cheese in. Some of the most well-known dishes include tortillas, patatas bravas and a large amount of chorizo based meals.

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