40 Things You Need to Know Before Your First Trip To Europe

SO YOU’RE READY TO TAKE YOUR FIRST TRIP TO EUROPE. Rad! Flights across the pond are ludicrously cheap right now. But first, you surely have one hundred thousand questions — not just about the coolest European cities or most beautiful places to visit — but about how things… work. How much do you tip? Should you get a Eurail pass? Can you wear shorts? There’s a lot to consider, so take a page of advice from the people who’ve been before. (Us. We mean us.) Here we answer all your burning questions in one swoop, with our best travel tips, cautionary tales, and mistakes we made so you don’t have to miss a beat on your Euro vacation.

What’s the best way to find cheap flights to Europe?

There are apps for this! There are, in fact, too many apps for this, but some are actually useful. For cheap hostels and hotels, try HotelTonight, Hostelworld, or Agoda. For scoring cheap airfares you can brag about, there are several tried-and-true apps and sites: Momondo is great, but also look into Skyscanner. Hopper is nifty if you have a destination in mind but are flexible on dates. You plug in your destination of choice and Hopper notifies you when the cheapest time to book is. Timing is important! Which brings us to…