Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

When you’re trying to drop a few pounds, unless the weight is caused by a medical condition, there’s no getting around the need to make changes in your diet. This can be the hardest thing because our brains are hardwired to repeat routines and to crave things that boost serotonin levels, even when those foods have unhealthy results in our bodies.

The first step in the battle to eat better and lose weight is to understand the fight. Following is a list of the foods you ought to avoid in order to slim your waistline and be healthier overall. Some of these items will be no surprise, but be sure to read to the end as you may be shocked by a few of the foods that are sneakily dangerous.

1. French Fries & Potato Chips

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Fried potato products are among the most craving-inducing snacks around. Something about that crisp, salty bite feels so good, and grabbing a handful of either is an easy way to fill up fast. But both of these foods are extremely high in calories and are linked to weight gain. In fact, one study even suggests that potato chips contribute more to weight gain, serving for serving, than any other individual food.

Unfortunately, roasted or fried potatoes are also likely to contain acrylamides, carcinogenic chemicals that significantly raise your cancer risk. You can still enjoy the taste of potatoes, though. The safest way to prepare them is boiling. If you must fry, blanch the potatoes first to remove up to half of the sugar and stop when they reach a light golden brown. The darker the color, the more acrylamide is present.

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