Friendliest Countries – Top 10 Places known for Hospitality

What are the world’s famous places known for hospitality? Hospitality basically means the generous and friendly reception and entertainment of visitors, guests, and even strangers. It is the kind of relationship between a host and a guest.

Many of us need to move to a different country because of education or work and how soon we settle in that country and how comfortable we feel depends largely on the people of that country, upon how friendly they are, how they welcome you, or in short upon the hospitality of that place.

There are many countries that will quickly make you feel at home, all thanks to their great hospitality.

Here we are going to present to you a list of the friendliest countries in the world. the list of top 10 places known for hospitality.

10. Thailand

Thailand is a famous tourist destination and this is something everyone knows. The service and hospitality of Thailand meet the demands of international travelers and this is why Thai tourism is rising day by day. On the basis of reviews, Thai people are said to be helpful and friendly. Thai people welcome each other by a salutation called ‘wai’ which is even a sign of gratitude and respect. Thailand is even known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ and not only do you find smiling local faces here even those who visit this country are always left smiling because of the great hospitality.

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