Top Foods That are Good for Your Liver

It’s important to keep your liver in good shape because it does so many different jobs for the body. It produces proteins and bile, plus stores vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates.


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It is also the organ that breaks down toxins like alcohol and medication. It is definitely not an organ that you can live without, but it is so amazing that you can survive with just a portion of one. Still, it’s much better to protect the health of this vital bodily workhorse, and it starts with food. Following are the top foods that your liver loves.

1. Coffee

Good news – coffee is great for promoting liver health. And not only does it help prevent liver damage, but studies have also revealed that it can lower the risk of cirrhosis in folks who already suffer from chronic liver disease. It can minimize inflammation, increases antioxidant levels, and may even reduce the risk of liver cancer.

The benefits are greatest in people who drink at least three cups of joe per day so that Starbucks habit you thought was scary is actually a good thing (for your liver, not your wallet).

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