Where to Stay in the Florida Keys: Best Islands & Hotels

Tropical islands, pure-white sandbars and the third-largest coral barrier reef in the world: the natural beauty of the Florida Keys has been enticing travelers for generations.

The Florida Keys are a seemingly never-ending coral cay archipelago that divides the Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico 120 miles off the southern tip of Florida. The Keys, which are just 90 miles by sea from Cuba, have a culture all of their own. Laid-back, creative and culturally diverse, life in the keys run only on island time. Spend your days on the island’s diving in a washed-out, sun-faded landscape, splashing in sparkling shores of sandbars, adventuring in the sticky heat of the mangroves or simply kicking back and relaxing in the tropical temperatures.

The archipelago is home to some stunning underwater landscapes across the 1,700 islands, and there are scuba diving opportunities aplenty with a diverse marine life thriving around the protected reefs. Take the exciting route to the Keys and drive along the famously scenic Overseas Highway and then use your car to travel around the islands at your own pace.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, pack your bags – the magic of these islands is waiting for you. Here’s a look at the best places to stay in the Florida Keys:

Key West

At just 4 miles long and 1 mile wide, laid-back Key West is the epitome of the island lifestyle. Artistic, quirky and fun, Key West has long been a haven for those looking to take a break from every day and spend time relaxing and enjoying life. The tropical island offers visitors the chance to kick back, so you can spend your time wandering the interesting neighborhoods and sipping iced coffee in charming cafes, or sunning yourself on the beaches. You can even go out on the water fishing.

It’s easy to travel around the island – grab yourself a bike and see the sights by pedaling around the quiet streets or take the bus or tram. Home to the southernmost point in the continental USA, accommodation on Key West usually always have views of the sea. For a budget night’s sleep, you could opt for camping at one of the island’s campsites; there are some reasonably priced mid-range guesthouses on the island too, along with some more expensive resorts to choose from.

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