8 Bucket List Things To Do For A Memorable Trip In Croatia

More and more people have been talking about Croatia. If you’re looking for adventure and excitement, planning a trip to Croatia may be the perfect vacation for you. Croatia is an Eastern European country with a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea.

Positioned in the glorious Adriatic Sea, bursting with natural delights and buzzing with nightlife, Croatia vacation is easily one of the very best places to visit in Europe. No two days are alike on a Croatia city break, and there is simply so much to get stuck into that you won’t know where to start.

This is a guide to outline just a few of the fantastic activities you can discover – immerse yourself deep within the country’s incomparable natural wonders, enjoy the rich history of Split, explore the eclectic nightlife of hotel Dubrovnik… you name it, Croatia’s got it.

If you’re looking for a bucket list of things to do while in Croatia, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to relax by the beach or explore the wild side of Croatia, this extraordinary destination has something for everyone to enjoy!

1. Blue Cave, Biševo

the inside of the Blue cave Bisevo island Croatia

Located in Biševo, the eerie and mysterious Blue Cave is one of Croatia’s most treasured natural delights.

blue cave and five islands

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At the height of the summer, the sun casts an illusion of blue light within the cave, giving it a glowing and enticing appearance.

blue cave croatia

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Accessible only by sea, a visit to the Blue Cave offers a retreat away from the chaos of everyday life and surreal experience as you become mesmerized by the ethereal blue water.

Dive in and feel truly at one with nature and at peace with the world.

2. Diocletian’s Palace, Split

Diocletian Palace in Split Croatia

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The simply remarkable Diocletian’s Palace is the ideal spot for history lovers, architecture admirers or keen culture seekers.

The grandeur of this Roman-inspired palace is breath-taking, and even a walk around the exterior will inspire its visitors. Here you can also admire one of Diocletian’s prized possessions: his Ancient Egyptian sphinx.

Perched high above the square sits the authentic statue, which has not been touched since the day she arrived in Split.

3. Buža Bars, Dubrovnik

cafe buza Dubrovnik Croatia

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After a long day exploring the historical and natural sights on your Croatia city breaks, you’ll definitely be deserving of a lively evening in one of the many eclectic bars on offer in Dubrovnik.

The Buža bars are precariously positioned on the sea cliffs outside of Dubrovnik’s walls, making for great photo opportunities.

Enjoy a drink or two before stepping down to the water below for a paddle or swim, or simply enjoy the awe-inspiring panoramic sea views.

There has never been a more delightful view to accompany your evening beverage!

4. Krka National Park, Lozovac

Krka National Park Lozovac

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This picturesque national treasure provides a whole day of entertainment. A warm day might even tempt you to jump straight into Krka’s gorgeous, fresh waterfalls! After a dip, enjoy a delicious meal at the onsite restaurant or a wander around the wooden bridge trail where you can spot exotic birds, fish, and even frogs.

With more activities and day trips on offer than the mind could possibly imagine, a Croatia city break is the ideal treat to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse yourself in something entirely different.

5. Cuisine on a Croatia City Break: Split’s Superb Restaurants

Experience the taste of Croatian culture while on your trip to Split, a buzzing metropolis known for embracing its gastronomical classics and cooking traditions while often peppering its dishes with a hint of nuance and modernity.

There is an overwhelming catalog of restaurants and cuisines to sample during your visit, each with different specialties.

Whether you prefer a laidback meal, an unforgettable culinary experience or something in between, Split has all the food you could hope to enjoy during your Croatia city break.


interior of apetit

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Located within the walls of a grand fifteenth-century Papaliceva Palace, the owners of Apetit will make you work for your meal as you must conquer several flights of stairs through the scenic Old Town before reaching your table!

Apetit croatia

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interior of apetit

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It may be the most worthwhile trek for your dinner that you ever complete, however, as, upon your arrival, the chefs are guaranteed to put on a show.

tuna tartar apetit

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This exceptional restaurant delivers high-quality local meat and fish dishes with a creative flair designed to bring traditional plates straight into the modern-day.

Apetit croatia

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Relax and be inspired by the imaginative twists each dish presents, whether you fancy a taste of the sea or delicious, expertly prepared meats.

duck breast apetit

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The palazzo where Apetit is positioned has seen culinary excellence for the past 700 years, and it certainly shows no sign of stopping. 

6. Pizzeria Galija

pizzeria galija croatia

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As well as being masters of their own cuisine, many Croatian chefs have perfected the fine art of Italian gastronomy, too. Of the restaurants that have added homemade pizzas to the menu, Pizzeria Galija has established itself among locals as one of the very best in Split.

fresh pizza at pizzeria galija croatia

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It is simple, yet aesthetically pleasing with its 1980’s-inspired décor, and gives you the option of enjoying your delicious pizza out in the open where you can watch your meal being prepared in authentic wood-fired pizza ovens.

It is low-cost and high-quality, and certainly a must on your Croatia city break itinerary.

7. Konoba Matejuska

Konoba Matejuska

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If seafood floats your boat, Konoba Matejuska is a hidden pearl just waiting to be discovered.

konoba matejuska

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With a wonderfully comfortable, rustic, family-run vibe, you will instantly feel at home in this tucked-away dining room.

konoba matejuska

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You may need several hours to make a final choice from this delectable menu including the famous specialty, black risotto, but rest assured you will be presented with a fantastic, lovingly prepared meal no matter what you choose.

8. Restaurant Makrovega

makrovega restaurant croatia

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If you’re not a carnivore or fancy taking a step back from the meat and fish-oriented restaurants, Restaurant Makrovega will feel like a breath of fresh air.

makrovega-restaurant daily vegan menu

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With an ethos of healthy, environmentally conscious eating, this vegan hotspot makes use of organic grains and fresh vegetables to prove to the world that nutritious, delicious food need not be harmful to ourselves or our planet.

Enjoy gorgeous pies, pasta, soups and salad as the menu chops and changes according to whatever the chef chooses to showcase.

Whether you’re a seafood lover, culinary critic or just a fan of great food, Split is the perfect location to tantalize the taste buds, and these are just a few of the many fabulous restaurants you could visit on your Croatia city break.